Frequently asked questions

How do i make an order?

Please click on shop and choose the drinks you like to buy, check out and pay using Credit Card or Paypal, that's all! We will email you within 24 hours of your purchase to confirm the earliest delivery date we can send to you. Our delivery date is between 2-5 working days from point of purchase

How do I subscribe?

Click on "Subscribe" and choose from 3 plans - Platinum, Gold, Silver. Each subscription package consists of the 8 varieties of herbal drinks we provide - Barley, Luo Han Guo, Wheatgrass, Honey Aloe vera, Roselle, White Fungus, Ginseng Chrysanthemum and Cough Relief. For 1-2 pax, we recommend Silver Subscription Plan. For 3- 5 pax, we recommend Gold Subscription Plan. For 6 pax and above we recommend Platinum Subsciption Plan.

What are the benefits of Nanyang Drink?

There are many benefits of drinking herbal tea. Since centuries ago, the use of herbs to cure ailments like cough, sore throats, acnes, headaches are well documented. It is in recent times that there is renewed interest in traditional remedies for ailments for the body to achieve its natural balance and boost its immunity We also have a summary chart here for the key benefit of each drink:

Can i stop or restart my subscription anytime?

Sure, you can, with no penalties. Simply cancel it if you would like to stop. If you are going away for a short trip, you can stop it and restart it when you come back. No hassle, no lock-in contracts and definitely no penalties for termination whatsoever. Just give us one day (24hrs) notice so we can stop delivery.

Can i just buy individual bottles instead of subscribing?

Yes, of course, by clicking on "Shop" and choosing the flavours you like. No minimum order, with a $8 islandwide delivery. Good news is we will provide FREE Delivery to you if you order $35 and above. Subscription is for ease of convenience. We know you have many things to attend to. If you don't want the disappointment of opening your fridge and realizing your drinks have run out, subscribe and stay healthy!

Can i drink Nanyang Drink daily?

Yes, you can. With 8 different varieties of Herbal Drinks, we design it to be balanced for daily consumption and provide you with a nice blend of herbs so you can stay healthy amidst a busy and stressful work schedule.