Frequently asked questions

How do i make an order?

You can buy at our Shopee store by clicking below shopee.sg/nanyangfood

How do I subscribe?

Send us an enquiry in contact form and we will revert to you with the available subscription plans

What are the benefits of Nanyang Drink?

There are many benefits of drinking herbal tea. Since centuries ago, the use of herbs to cure ailments like cough, sore throats, acnes, headaches are well documented. It is in recent times that there is renewed interest in traditional remedies for ailments for the body to achieve its natural balance and boost its immunity We also have a summary chart here for the key benefit of each drink:

Can i drink Nanyang Drink daily?

Yes, you can. With 8 different varieties of Herbal Drinks, we design it to be balanced for daily consumption and provide you with a nice blend of herbs so you can stay healthy amidst a busy and stressful work schedule.